You both are going to be celebrating your love for each other and the unity of your families and embarking on one of life's greatest commitments and adventures.
We would love to conduct, officiate and work with you to design a ceremony that reflects both your wishes, feelings and beliefs.

All Civil & Marriage Ceremonies are created in conjunction with you both and allows you freedom of choice to celebrate your special occasion that is personally suited to you as a couple.
Your ceremony may be short and simple, formal or traditional. You both may want to include poetry, readings, blessings, rituals, cultural or family traditions, music and many other inclusions that will bring joy to you both on your special day.

Your Celebrant is there every step of the way to assist and offer her resources to design a ceremony that reflects all of your wishes and meets the legal requirements of the Marriage Act and Attorney Generals office.

The length of your ceremony is usually guided by the type of ceremony and order of service. Usually a ceremony will take approximately 20-30 minutes, including the signing of the certificates.

It is your choice of where you would like your marriage to be officiated. There are alot of suitable venues in Perth. Some allow you to have the ceremony, reception and photos all at the one venue. Some couples choose venues that have sentimental significance, have a central location, a romantic location, sunrise or sunset opportunities etc.

The choices of locations can range from local area parks or gardens, chapels, privately run venues, at home, resturants, function centres etc. See our heading under "Perth location for ceremonies" for more ideas.

Marriage is one of the most important day in your lives. Rest assured that your special ceremony will be conducted with individuality, personality and a unique sincerity and professionalism in a friendly and dignified manner.

For the initial consultation I prefer to meet with you at a venue with a mutual time and date that is mutually agreed upon. At the consultation your Celebrant will sight all identification and you will have to have copies of these also, inform you of your legal requirements, give information of relationship education & support, create a unique ceremony structure for you (based on a questionairre), advise you of the fees and inclusions, have available an information pack that contains a variety of wedding information including wedding checklist, sample vows, sample readings & sample poems. Information and examples are also provided for extra inclusions in regards to rituals and blessings. Allow about 1- 1.5 hours for this consultation.
At the consultation your Celebrant will confirm your ceremony booking for you and a non-refundable cash  deposit of $200.00 must be made at the consultation to secure your wedding date booking with your Cherish Celebrant.
This is non-refundable. After the initial meeting we usually correspond via email, post and phone for any other details. The full payment will be due within 7-14 days after your initial consultation with your Celebrant.
Once an "Order of service" is agreed upon and proofed by the couple to 100% satisfaction, your Celebrant will then print copies of your service for all your invited guests attending in booklet form.
Identification requirements
If you are applying for a certificate or a change of name or a correction, you must provide at least three forms of identification:
  • ONE document from each list (1, 2 and 3).  At least one containing a photograph; or
  • ONE from List 1 and TWO from List 2.  At least one containing a photograph; or
  • TWO from List 2 and ONE from List 3.  At least one containing a signature.
All forms of identification produced MUST be current.
Documents from List 3 MUST show your current residential address.
Bank statements, utility accounts or rates notices MUST have been issued within the last six months.
Applying in person - original documents must be provided
Applying by post - send clear certified photocopies of your identification documents with your application.  Do not post original documents.

Certification requirements

Photocopies of identification will only be accepted if they are certified by a qualified person as being "true copies" of the original documents. Your Celebrant can do this for you on the consultation day.
List 1
  • Australian driver's licence (with photo)
  • Australian passport (with photo)
  • Australian firearm's licence (with photo)
  • Defence force/Police ID card (with photo)
  • Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) certificate with of evidence of residence status (with photo)
  • Over 18 or Proof of Age identity card (with photo)
  • Australian learner driver’s permit card (with photo)
List 2
  • Debit or Credit card (one or the other, not both) issued by a financial institution
  • Document of Identity issued by the Passport Office
  • Entitlement card issued by the Commonwealth or State Government (Centrelink, Health Care card, Veterans Affairs card etc)
  • Full birth certificate issued in Australia (birth extracts not accepted)
  • Medicare card
  • Naturalisation, citizenship or immigration papers issued by DIAC
  • Overseas passport with current Australian Entry Permit
  • Security guard or crowd control licence (Australian)
  • Student identity document or Statement of enrolment issued by an educational institution, including Tertiary (should include photo and/or signature)
  • Working with children card
List 3
  • Driver’s licence renewal notice
  • Financial institution statement less than six months old
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Property lease or tenancy agreement
  • Shire/water rates notice
  • School or other educational report or certificate less than twelve months old
  • Utility account less than six months old (e.g. gas, electricity, home phone etc
Once confirmation of your booking and your deposit has been received your Celebrant will prepare and professionally print your "Order of Service" and take great care to create a special and unique ceremony to reflect your love for each other and make all your wishes come true on your special day. Every last detail, request and legal requirement will be taken care of.  Your ceremony will be everything you will ever dream of.
Firstly, you must complete and lodge with your Celebrant the NOTICE OF INTENTION TO MARRY (NOIM) form. Your Celebrant is required to sight your birth certificate (extract or certified copy) & photo ID for each person. This has to be signed no sooner than one month and one day and no later than 18 months before you are married.
Change of name after marriage - Many women choose to take their husbands name after marraige, this is not compulsory. It is important to realise that the ceremonial Certificate of Marriage given to you on your wedding day is not an identity document, although it is legal evidence of your marriage.
Your Celebrant must introduce themselves as an authorised Celebrant and use both of your full names at least once during the ceremony.
Your Celebrant must state the words from the marriage act 1961 section 46:
"I am duly authorised by law to solemnize marriages according to law. Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. marriage, according to law in Australia is the union of man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life"
Both of you must then state the words from section 45 of the marriage act 1961 as your legal vows: After these legally binding words, you can add your own vows and incorporate them into your ceremony.
"I call upon the persons here present to witness that I (Bride or Groom) take you (Bride or Groom) to be my lawful wedded (wife or husband).

Your witnessess and I must be in close proximity and be able to hear you as you exchange vows as it is the exchange of vows that constitutes your marriage.

If you are divorced you must provide the Decree Absolute (original and in English)
If you were born overseas (not in Australia) you must provide either your passport or birth certificate.
If you are widowed you must provide the Death Certificate of your previous spouse.
If you have had a change of name, a "change of name certificate' must be sighted.

On the day of your rehearsal, (usually 7-30 days prior), you are required to sign a statutory declaration before your Celebrant stating that you know of no legal impediment to your marriage.
On the day of your marriage, during the ceremony you will sign the Marriage Certificate in the presence of two witnesses (who have to be over 18 years of age) and the witnesses also sign the Marriage Certificate and Marriage registry.

At the ceremony, the bride and groom, and two witnesses over the age of 18 years, will each sign 3 documents:

   *The ceremonial "Certificate of Marriage"
   *A certificate which is forwarded by your Celebrant to BDM
   *The marriage registry kept for record keeping by your Celebrant
A ceremonial certificate (Certificate of Marriage) is signed and presented to you as part of the service on the wedding day.
All legal paperwork, once you are officially married, will be lodged by your Celebrant with Births, Deaths and Marriages. This is usually lodged within 7-10 days after your wedding date by your Celebrant. Your Celebrant will also apply for an official registered Certificate of Marriage included in the cost that will be posted directly to the couple after their wedding day.
*All legal requirements will be explained in detail at your initial consultation by your Celebrant.
Cherish Civil Ceremonies undertakes ongoing professional development courses to maintain a high standard of professionalism in the industry. We also have ongoing expenses of insurances, music licensing, advertising, offical stationery for marriage certificates, lodging costs for all legal paperwork BDM forms, travel & time expenses.
Cherish have founded their fees as all inclusive (NO HIDDEN FEES). If there are any extra inclusions this will be noted in writing, invoiced and discussed with the couple before any order of service is established. All services are performed to a high industry standard and we pay close attention to every detail and make your day as special and unique as possible, with a hassle free and beautifully presented wedding ceremony that will combine you in marriage. All legal requirements will be met according to Australian Law and the Marriage Act 1961.
Cherish feels that your Ceremony is the main official part of your special day. Without it you would not be husband and wife or legally married. To spend  more for your cake, flowers or limo and not your Celebrant seems out of context.
So, our pricing has been formatted to be affordable, well presented and professional in every aspect of your ceremony. It is in line with all other mainstream wedding service prices and is the most important part of your day. So based on the information provided to you, our prices are structured accordingly for the perfect wedding of your dreams.
 $450.00 (Including gst)
Bride, Groom and 2-4 witnesses
Includes all standard ceremony inclusions.
 (See below for standard inclusions).

**Perfect for simple, intimate ceremonies.
$800.00 (Including gst)
Bride, Groom, 2 witnesses and unlimited guests
Includes all of the standard ceremony inclusions plus a professional printed
 “Order of Service” for all your invited guests and use of a PA system if required.

**Perfect for wedding ceremonies at pre-equipped wedding function venues.

$1450.00 (Including gst)
Bride, Groom, 2 witnesses and unlimited guests
Includes all of the standard ceremony inclusions plus the Elite Cherish Wedding Package (see below for full details of the Elite Cherish Wedding package).
**Perfect for home, garden, parks and other outdoor venues that requires a full set up.


This package includes the following items as part of the cost of the ceremony. You do not have to have all of the inclusions and you are welcome to add more to the package if you so desire. We feel this wedding package caters for your home, garden or park wedding in an elegant and ceremonial manner.
Your Celebrant will arrive early (usually  45 minutes -1 hour before your confirmed ceremony time) and set up your ceremony setting in pure elegance and style.

 When the ceremony has concluded your Celebrant will discreetly remove all items. Usually, you would have to hire these items from party hire or events management businesses. At Cherish we combine an all in one ceremony setting (including the ceremony and legal aspect) with no extra hassle to the couple. You will save time and money, create a wedding environment in elegance and have a beautiful wedding ceremony to be cherished always.  

*Unique and professionally written wedding ceremony performed by an Authorized Celebrant
*Lodgement of all legal paperwork at BDM.
*Professional PA system with iPod, CD and mp3 connectivity and will play your requested wedding songs with  wireless microphones (on stands) and Celebrant lapel microphone
*Keepsake signing pen
*Ceremonial Certificate of Marriage in well presented folder
*Rehearsal 7-30 days prior to wedding date
*All stationery, document storage, printing and postage costs
*All Perth metro travel expenses
*"I do" Information package that contains sample ceremonies, vows, readings, blessings and rituals and poetry and much more
*Garden archway with white rose garlands (optional)
*Red or white carpet (3 metres long) (optional)
*20 x chairs for guests each with white satin or lycra chair covers and white organza bows (optional)
*Signing table in white satin with elegant centrepiece
*4 x 1.5 metre high topiary trees with white roses (optional)
*4 or 8 (optional) x white Bali flags in white satin with love heart tails *(Optional)
*Use of a large market umbrella/s or portable cabana (optional)
*Printed “Order of Service” copies for all of your guests for keepsakes in your wedding colours

*Prices subject to change and the above price does not include any additional inclusions. packages can be designed to suit all budgets and requirements*

Please see the details below that will be included in all wedding ceremonies with Cherish Civil Ceremonies. Your full ceremony will be officiated by your Authorised Civil and Marriage Celebrant who is registered with the Attorney Generals office (A13628) and will include:

All Standard Cherish ceremonies include:
1.  Unique and professionally written wedding ceremony performed by an Authorized Celebrant
2.  Lodgement of all legal paperwork at BDM.
3.  Rehearsal 7-30 days prior to the wedding ceremony
4.  Keepsake signing pen 
5.  Ceremonial Certificate of Marriage in well presented folder
6.  Signing table with white satin table linen and elegant centrepiece
7.  Unlimited Celebrant resources, meetings, phone calls, emails from the initial consultation onwards until your wedding day and beyond if necessary.
8.  "I do" package including  sample ceremonies, vows, readings, poetry, rituals and blessings and much more
9.  All stationery, document storage, printing and postage costs
10. All Perth metro travel expenses
11.  Preparation and printing of the “Order of Service” for all your invited guests in your wedding colours
·         Special theme fancy dress ceremonies POA
·         Formal correspondence for DIMIA visa applications. POA
·         Travel and accommodation expenses outside the Perth metro area. POA

Your Celebrant can perform any order of service, there are no rules as to the right order of a ceremony. It is whatever you want it to be. Whether short and simple, traditional or completely unique to you as a couple, your Celebrant will prepare your ceremony in your own way and ensure all legal obligations & personal wishes have been met.

Cherish Civil Ceremonies have developed a very functional order of service as follows. The compulsory components are noted in green, but even in this simple ceremony structure there is flexibility around placement in the ceremony service.

On your day your Celebrant will arrive 60 minutes before to set up and become prepared for the ceremony. Your Celebrant will have all your invited guests gather around for the bridal entrance and all mobiles phones will be asked to be turned off before the entrance also. Your guests will be ready to greet you. Background music can be played while guests are arriving.
1.  Bridal procession (may be accompanied by music/song). (Optional)
2.  Introduction & Celebrant words and introduction. This will include an explanation and Celebrant views on marriage, the story of the couple together so far and a general welcome to all family and guests. Giving away of bride. (optional)
3. Reading of poetry by the Celebrant or selected guest or family member (optional)
4. Monitum - A legal requirement and Australian Law as part of the marriage act
5. Giving away of the bride/presentation of the bride and blessing of the parents (optional)
6. The Asking - (formal precursor to the vows) - the couple can choose which words to say in this part of the vows (optional)
7.Vows (in front of the Celebrant and 2 witnesses) - A legal requirement and Australian Law as part of the marriage act
8. Exchange of rings - It is traditional to exchange rings, but not everyone chooses to do this. You can also symbolise your commitment to each other in a ritual such as handfasting, lighting of unity candles, blending sand ceremony or sharing of wine and other such rituals. (optional)
9.Reading of poetry by the Celebrant or selected guest or family member (optional)
10. Declaration of marriage - This is a legal requirement for the Celebrant to formally declare you to be husband and wife
11. Signing of the certificates and marriage register - This is a legal requirement and witnesses must be present to sign with the bride and groom. (Music can be played during the signing of certificates).
12. Presentation of the certificate to the couple by the Celebrant
13. Announcement of the newlyweds. (Not all brides choose to change their names).
14. Guests and family congratulate the newlyweds and music is played to end the ceremony.
*When appropriate your celebrant and the set up team will pack away all the ceremony equipment and discreetly and say goodbyes and best wishes.


Part of your wedding ceremony can include rituals, readings and blessings. You can includes anything you wish from releasing butterflies or doves at the end of your vows to lighting unity candles, sand blending ceremony, handfasting, drinking wine from a loving cup, exchanging rings and much more. Below are a few examples of what types of rituals/blessings you can include in your order of service. We have a range of Irish/Celtic vows for ceremonies upon request.

Reading are a very unique way of putting your own stamp on the ceremony. Your Celebrant will provide readings (or you may provide your own), that may be suitable for each couple and may also give examples to choose from. If you choose a person other than the Celebrant to do a reading of poetry it is very important to inform that person beforehand and ensure you have chosen a person that is significant in your lives and is not shy to read in public. Each reader is introduced by name, your connection with that person revealed and is listed in the Order of Service.
The Unity candle is shared by the Bride and Groom. The bride and groom each take an unlit candle "unity candle". There will be a larger candle from which they each light their own candles. Coming together as individuals and also sharing life's eternal flame. When the flame is blown out it releases the couples love into the air upward forever. Specialised candles can be ordered for such ceremony inclusions.

A large glass container is presented next to a number of smaller glass containers with multi coloured sand in them. The couple each takes turns of emptying one colour into the larger glass container until the container is full. This is a beautiful memento and no two sand blending's will ever be the same. It represents a unique bonding that can not be parted or separated again.

Hand fasting is a neo-pagan term for a wedding. Hand fasting is related to old Celtic ceremonies where the hands were ritualistically tied together, hence the phrase "tying the knot".
Today, hand fasting has become a popular element of modern civil marriage ceremonies and renewal of vows. During the ceremony the couples hands are tied together with ribbon/cord or other  (red for desire, passion and vitality of love). The Celebrant recites a blessing whilst the ribbon is being tied. The ribbon is then removed from the couple after the recital of the blessing. 
This ceremony is where the bride and groom sip sacramental wine from an ornamental cup and exchange their own vows. Drinking from the cup celebrates coming together as one and sharing life's fruits. Some couples choose to drink from the cup/s on every wedding anniversary as a romantic tradition.



The useful sites below contain a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to assist you in all aspects of your wedding planning. We hope these can assist you in planning your special day in many ways. Cherish Civil Ceremonies are in no way responsible or linked to these sites and any queries must be directed to those sites only.
We are not events managers or wedding planners, but your Celebrant can definitely assist you in resourcing information required for your ceremony preparation.

After you book your Celebrant and your venue is confirmed you may want to make decisions and start planning and booking other wedding matters. This is a guide only and in no way an exact order to follow, but a planner will help every couple planning to be married.
***Book your Cherish Civil Ceremonies Celebrant!***
Decide on the style and theme of the wedding
Plan you wedding budget
Draft your guest list and approximate numbers
Decide on who your ceremony witnesses and any other wedding party attendants
Book your caterer and any hire equipment and special accessories
Book your photographer, videographer, florist and music entertainment
Book your honeymoon and arrange any visa and passports if required
Choose a wedding gown and groom wear
Choose bridal party wear
Book hair and makeup artists
Order invitations
Buy your wedding rings and both have fittings
Book your cake decorator
Book your wedding transport
Send wedding invitations 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding date and include a rsvp date
Book any accommodation for guests
Finalise table seating of guests
Choose a bridal registry if required

CONFIRM ALL ARRANGEMENTS with your Celebrant and all other wedding bookings made in writing and over the phone..

Gifts associated with anniversary year meanings is a romantic tradition. There are symbols that are traditional for each anniversary meaning up to 50 years. These are the traditional anniversary year symbols for gift giving. It is a great romantic symbolism.

1st year anniversary  Paper                                              
2nd  Cotton
3rd  Leather
4th  Flowers
5th  Wood
6th  Candy or Iron
7th  Copper or Wool
8th  Bronze or pottery
9th  Pottery or willow
10th Tin or Aluminium
11th Steel
12th Silk or linen
13th Lace
14th Ivory
15th Crystal
16th Silver
17th Furniture
18th Porcelain
19th Bronze
20th China
25th Silver
30th Pearl
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond
70th Diamond or Platinum
75th Diamond

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