Commemorative Gifts
We can supply or resource for you a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.  Please note that some products are not always available for viewing and are especially ordered to your requirements. These are all at an extra cost to the client and can be arranged at your initial consultation with your Celebrant.
Wishing wells are available to hire on a daily basis and you will have to arrange pick up and return, please see details below.
These are only a small amount of gifts. We can resource almost anything you wish to give to your child, parent, god-parent or partner for any occasion and have it personalised for you as part of our individual service to you. Additional costs will be incurred by the client for additional items.
The Cherish Civil Ceremonies facebook page has alot of bridal friends and suppliers than can assit you in choosing unique wedding favours for your special occasion.
We would love to become your friend!

Other commemoratives can be Groom, Groomsmen and Father of the Bride cufflinks, Bride, Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride tote bags and much more.
Candles can be used as part of any ceremony. You can arrange with your Celebrant to include a candle lighting ritual as part of the ceremony. Or a gift as an engraved candle to your special someone in a presentation as part of the ceremony. The most popular is a candle inside a glass presentation holder with a wooden engraved base. that is engraved and in any colour you choose. Candelabras are available in a variey of heights, lengths and colours. A great keepsake. Prices range from $25-$85
Balloonsare very popular to use on the signing table and then released as part of any ceremony. They come in a variey of colors with ribbons of all colours, and can be made to include glitter inside or patterns on the outside. It can say happy birthday, have a wedding theme, pastels, bright colours, the variety is endless. Combining balloons and bubbles at a name giving is alot of fun for all the children, and the big kids too!! It makes it very festive and celebratory.
Prices range from $25-$250

Teddy Bearsare also a unique addition to any ceremony. They can be dressed up in outfits for weddings, christenings and any occasion. They come in all shapes and sizes and we can even embrioder any name on the teddy bear/s or it's clothes to make it more personal. They can be presented to god-parents, given to your child as a keep sake for a name giving or wedding bears can be on the signing table at your wedding. All in their unique wedding dress and suit and tie with both the brides and grooms names on them. Prices range from $45-$150 each

Glasses and Gobletsare very traditional and make lovely keepsakes. They have a variety of uses at a ceremony. You can include them in your ceremony as part of a ritual or present them to our bridal party or any other signifigant person. Some couples like to present them at their receptions to special somebodies. Engraved or etched, presented in a tastefully decorated box, individual or set, the choice is yours.Very popular for weddings. Pewter goblets are also available and can be engraved and presented in a decorated box. Every Anniversary you can use your glasses or goblets again to toast and celebrate  another year of married life together. Very traditional. Prices range from $35-$150

Wishing wells in white are available at an extra cost to hire from your Celebrant for weddings and name givings. "Wish cards" can be placed in the wishing well for name giving ceremonies and revealed at your child's 21st or 18th. Great keepsake! POA
For Weddings it is great for guests to place anonymous money donations for the newlyweds.
Can be decorated in any non-permanent flower colours, satin or silk or organza bows to match your special occasion colours. POA

There are many more gifts and keepsakes and commemorative ideas that we have. The above are our most popular. Your Celebrant can discuss any other ideas with you at your consultation. Nothing is impossible for us to arrange for you. Consider it done!! We love to pay attention to detail and make your ceremony unique, personal and memorable.
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